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Online guest teacher


Homaya Amar 

Homaya is an internationally renowned spiritual master. She combines ancient wisdom with contemporary advanced methods. Effortlessly, she creates and maintains a powerful sanctuary filled with sacred light codes and high-vibrational healing energies. She has contributed to a highly aligned transformation in the lives of thousands of people, while inspiring deep authenticity and unification with inner light and grace. 


She is honouring us with her inspiring and vibrant presence. A two-hour online teaching designed especially for this retreat that you won't soon forget !

In the meantime, take a look at her website: Homaya Amar – Homaya 


Gabriela Heller and Luc Brugger

She, a woman, a mother, a spouse, a lawyer turned shaman and doula. 

He, a man, a father, a spouce, a policeman turned lecturer and spiritualist guide. 

They, the Yin and the Yang, Fire and Water, the Sphere and the Cube. A couple who have built each other up over the years, with one constant guiding light: evolution. Evolving towards an ever-better version of oneself. Evolving off the beaten track. Evolving away from drama, towards a connection with oneself and one's inner power.  

Gabriela is a woman who has always enjoyed serving others. So it was quite natural for her to become a shaman and doula. Passionate about the Sacred Feminine, she has developed a form of guidance that adapts to the needs of women, couples and families. Gabriela's gentle energy, her authenticity and her enthusiasm for making us aware of our inner power are the keywords of her sharing. 

With his wisdom and clarity, Luc knows how to hold plenty of space and inspire his audience with his eloquent words that push each and every one of us towards the best. With kindness, humour and wisdom, he knows how to highlight the functioning of the human being like nobody else. He gives us inspiring and inspired leads, enabling us to live our lives to their fullest in the present moment, connected to our inner power and our light.

Gabriela and Luc will put their magic and energy at your service to make your stay at Charmey not only a gentle and relaxing one, but above all an inspiring one that will reveal the sacred woman that you are!

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