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Modern and sacred women's retreat



What exactly is this retreat ?

The retreat offers you a time to resource yourself, to connect with your femininity, and to experience physical, emotional and energetic well-being. It focuses on the sacred and modern feminine. It offers a deep connection and an innovative vision of being a modern, sacred woman.


Is the retreat for women only ?


How much does the retreat cost ? 

The cost of the retreat is CHF 3,588 until 30.08.2023. Thereafter, the cost is CHF 3,888.

What is included in the cost of the retreat ?

The cost of the retreat covers the following services:

  • Transport from Bulle station to the Hôtel Cailler in Charmey

  • Full pension (1 drink per meal) and 1 gourmet buffet

  • Single room 

  • 2 massages

  • Daily entry to the Bains de la Gruyère (thermal baths)

  • All teachings, rituals and meditations

  • 1 energetic healing, 1 channeling session or the drawing of your wheel of origin (optional)

  • A gift

  • An online teaching from spiritual master Homaya Amar – Homaya

Are there any other paying options during the retreat ?

The Hôtel Cailler in Charmey and the Bains de la Gruyère offer a variety of massages and care services. These can be booked in person. The retreat offers 2 massages, but you have the option of adding other massages or care services during the retreat. These will be at your own expense.

Can I bring my family to the retreat ?

The option offered is that of a single room. However, by arrangement with the Hôtel Cailler, it is possible to obtain larger rooms that can accommodate several people. Please note that the people accompanying you cannot take part in the retreat activities. To keep the group together, we also favour meals among retreat participants. If you decide to take part in this retreat with your family, you will have to pay the extra cost of renting a larger room.

Can I bring one or more children to the retreat ? 

No baby-sitting service is offered. However, if you provide childcare for your child(ren) during the retreat activities, it is entirely possible to bring your children with you.

What are the retreat schedules ?

The teachings and meditation begin at 7.30am. Times at the end of the day vary and finish in the evening. During the afternoon, there will be various spaces for relaxation and well-being.

I have allergies or intolerances. Can I take part in this retreat ?

Yes, and please let us know so that we can make the appropriate arrangements.

I'm ill and/or disabled, can I take part in this retreat ?

The Hôtel Cailler offers access and facilities for people with reduced mobility. The retreat is focused on the well-being of the participant, so personal timetable adjustments and extra rest time can be taken freely by all participants. The retreat does not offer medical support.

Am I required to take part in all the activities during the retreat ?

No, there is no obligation. You are free not to take part in certain teachings or activities.

What happens if I have to cancel my participation in the retreat ?

We advise you to subscribe a cancellation insurance. Cancellation is possible up to 6 weeks before the start of the retreat. In this case, the full cost of the retreat will be refunded. After this 6-week period, you will be responsible for 50% of the cost of the retreat.

What about my registration for the retreat ?

Registration is official as soon as the retreat fee has been paid. You will then receive a confirmation email and a detailed programme.

Can I take advantage of different payment options 

Yes, you can pay for the retreat in several stages. A 2x or 3x payment option is available. If you would like a payment arrangement, please send us an email with your request to We will contact you to propose a payment arrangement.

I'm coming by public transport. How can I get to the Hôtel Cailler in Charmey easily ?

Transport to the retreat is provided free of charge. It will leave Bulle station and go to the Hotel Cailler in Charmey on Thursday 26.10.2023 (exact time to be announced). There will also be a return service from the Hotel Cailler to Bulle station on Monday 30.10.2023 (departure time 13:00).

When does the retreat begin ?

The retreat begins on Thursday 26.10.2023 at 2pm.

When does the retreat end ?

The retreat ends on Monday 30.10.2023 at 11am.

Can I come before the start of the retreat ?

Yes, you can book a room with the Hôtel Cailler, using the following link ⇒ Hotel Cailler - Hotel Spa Gruyere, Charmey | OFFICIEL. You will be charged for the cost of this overnight stay.

Can I stay at the Hôtel Cailler after the retreat ?

Yes, you can book a room with the Hôtel Cailler, using the following link ⇒ Hotel Cailler - Hotel Spa Gruyere, Charmey | OFFICIEL. You will be charged for the cost of this overnight stay.

How can I keep in touch with my loved ones during the retreat ?

The Hôtel Cailler offers WIFI access so that you can keep in touch with your loved ones throughout your retreat.

Can I arrive after the start of the retreat and/or leave before the end ?

No. Our priority is the well-being of the participants and the magic created by the group. So we don't wish for late arrivals or early departures.

Are there any pre-requisites for this retreat ?

No, this retreat is for any woman who wants to connect with her heart and her inner kingdom. No matter what her background or level of personal and spiritual development is.


In what language will the retreat be held ?

The main language is French. However, translation into English and German is possible.

In addition, an online guest teacher will share her wisdom and magic with us in English. Translation is provided.


Can I choose to share my room with another participant?

Yes, you can, but the price will remain the same.

Can I bring my dog ?

No, this is not possible.

Is this a retreat without cigarettes or alcohol?

No, the retreat does not exclude smoking or alcohol, although we do not encourage it.

Is this a religious retreat ?

No, this retreat is not religious and is open to all faiths.

If you have any other requests 
please do not hesitate to contact us


Registration for the modern and sacred women's retreat Charmey/ Switzerland 26.10 - 30.10.2023

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