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Modern and sacred women's retreat

26th to 30th October, Hôtel Cailler (Charmey, Switzerland)

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Touch your true essence as a QUEEN, make it grow and make it your own. 

No longer follow stereotypical paths of what a modern, sacred woman is, but draw your own map and follow your own path!

Accept your own feminine uniqueness and anchor it fully in your daily life. 

Discover yourself fully and differently, through the wisdom of the teachings delivered. No longer endure your femininity, but understand it, make it your own and let it shine on the surface of the world. 

Take care of the QUEEN that you are. Take care of it in a sacred and enchanting setting. Let yourself be pampered and lounge in thermal baths. Enjoy an enchanting moment of massage to release all the tension and pain in your body. 

Taste culinary delights created by an amazing chef! 

Discover Switzerland and its Pre-Alps. Enjoy a few days in a 4* hotel in an enchanting, calm and rejuvenating setting. 

Enter your inner temple every morning. 

Immerse yourself in powerful, inspired moonlight rituals. 


Finally, put on your head the crown of the queen that you are !

Now sit on the throne of your royalty


Take a moment. Take the time to sit in your full power. For a few days, stop the daily hassle and craziness  and reconnect fully with yourself! 

Connect to your sacred and feminine power. Dive deep to awaken your sacred femininity. 

Refocus on your own inner kingdom, to bring out all the ancestral wisdom and magnificence of your femininity.

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Registration for the modern and sacred women's retreat 
Charmey/ Switzerland 
26.10 - 30.10.2023


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